A new yield farm for WFIL has just become available

As an incentive for using SushiSwap on Polygon with the MATIC bridge, liquidity providers of Wrapped Filecoin (WFIL) can now potentially earn up to 30.75% yield or more for supplying liquidity alongside Wrapped Ethereum (WETH).

There is no major effect to your tokens when they cross the bridge and you are able to cross it back over to Ethereum whenever you wish.

Once you send your tokens over the MATIC bridge, the tokens that leave the Ethereum network are locked and the same number of tokens are minted on the Polygon (MATIC) network as a pegged token (1:1). …

Wrapped Bitcoin becomes tradable as cBTC on Ubeswap, a decentralized exchange on Celo

Ubeswap is a mobile compatible fork of Uniswap running on the Celo blockchain

We’re excited to announce that on June 24th at 4:00PM UTC, Bitcoin trading will go live on Ubeswap, a decentralized exchange and automated market maker protocol for Celo assets. Users will now be able to benefit from the fast, low-cost, mobile-first experience that Celo provides and trade Bitcoin at the same time.

“We’re very excited to collaborate with Tokensoft, Ubeswap, and bring Wrapped Bitcoin (cBTC) to the Celo ecosystem. Combining one the first digital currencies with Celo’s mission and mobile-first technology will make DeFi more accessible to the 6 billion smartphone users around the world.”

— Xochitl Cazador, Ecosystem Celo…

Dharma is an Ethereum wallet that connects to your bank account

Thanks to Dharma, it’s now possible to trade Wrapped Celo (WCELO) directly from a bank account on iOS and Android devices.

Wednesday, April 21, Austin, TX — Today Wrapped is excited to announce a partnership to bring Bitcoin (cBTC) and Ethereum (cETH) to the Celo network. Celo is a Layer 1 protocol and global payments infrastructure that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Since Celo’s initial development in 2017, the project has launched a mainnet, a native token (CELO), two stablecoins (cUSD and cEUR), a mobile payments app (Valora) and has been listed on major exchanges including Coinbase and Binance.

“We’re excited to support Celo, a mobile-first DeFi platform that enables easy to use payments applications. Their focus…

Will Binns

DeFi. Working on https://wrapped.com.

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